“Awesome & honest tire shops are hard to come by. José & his guys are the absolute best! I’ll never go to another tire shop again. They go above & beyond to give you exceptional service, very friendly & fast service! He even helped me check my oil out of the kindness of his heart! hands down 5 stars!” – Sammi G.


“Jose was very nice and honest, gave me a great deal on some used rims and a new set of tires. He even drove out and got the tires right then cause they weren’t in stock and i wanted them that day. Awesome place. Highly recommend.” – Ryan B.


“Jose was friendly and polite, greeted me as soon as I walked up. The whole process took about 20 minutes. Not only did I get some nice used tires for an absolute steal but his wife was making tacos for customers on the grill they had set up outside and they were delicious!” – Scott R.


“Lots of places to go in San Diego for tires. Good service–fast, polite, everything just as advertised, and what I especially liked was that the price for the tires in the advert was the price out the door….no tire recycling fees, no extras. In and out. 15 minutes. Nice.” – L S.